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How to describe Comparello Bello in three words?

Quality, taste and tradition!

Like food, happiness also has its recipe! Take a good dose of atmosphere, add a unique and special place, combine selected ingredients, mix with the best of Sicilian culinary tradition and meal is served!

First choice meat, succulent and tasty hamburgers, goodness-filled sandwiches and lots of delicious delights make up a mouth-watering menu!

Craft beers for connoisseurs and a coffee shop that will please the early morning risers, salted or sweet breakfast lovers.

Comparello Bello is for everyone, at all hours, every day!

That's why it's not just a pub, a brewery or a sandwich shop...

… Comparello Bello is home!

Quality And Taste At All Hours!

What time do you want to be happy?

Why choose?

At Comparello Bello, it is always the right time!

Our large family is always keen to welcome customers at any time of the day!

For breakfast lovers, coffee, cappuccinos, colorful juices, but also tea, hot chocolate and fruit juices, served with homemade cakes, pies and… lots of smiles!

Lunch break out and back to the office in one hour? In addition to our menu, we offer a wide variety of "meals of the day" to choose from.

What about dinner? Succulent meat, pizzas and sandwiches.

After dinner, cocktails, drinks or classic glasses of wine will make your day!

Come and choose!


“Coffee, croissant and cappuccino” for Sicilian breakfast lovers, but also pancakes, delicious pies, fruit juices, tea, hot chocolate and much more.


For a quick break from work or for a moment of relax, we offer menus with food proposals starting from € 5.

Tasty and delicious first courses, grills, hamburgers, sandwiches and (why not?), delicious pizzas!


What's better than a delicious dinner after a tiring day?

Choose Comparello Bello and enjoy your special evening! You will fall in love, through starters and dessert!


The Comparello Bello appetizers are perfect, inimitable, mouth-watering!

Discover all our proposals and have them with your favorite beer or cocktail!

We satisfy all palates, even the refined ones.

And…vegans and vegetarians, Comparello Bello has something special for you!